Visiting Esoterika

What to Expect When Visiting Esoterika



Esoterika Lodge welcomes all visitors, Mason and Non-Mason, to its dinner before the stated meeting.  Our dinners take place on the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October. The doors open at 5:00 pm for a social hour and dinner usually commences around 6:15 pm.  All visitors must RSVP via PayPal or email by the Thursday preceding the dinner.  Dinners cost $25.00 and include refreshments.


Unlike many Lodges in the Grand Jurisdiction of Washington, Esoterika Lodge conducts all introductions (with the exception of the District Deputy and Grand Master on their respective official visits) and announcements during our Festive Board.

Additionally, when visiting an Esoterika Festive Board, expect a program of education related to esoteric or philosophic thought as well as discussion, artwork, music and fellowship.  


Stated Communications and Degrees

As Esoterika is a specialty lodge dedicated to the esoteric and philosophic traditions of Freemasonry, we conduct our Stated Communications and Degrees with a heightened level of reverence for the ritual of the Craft.  While our Stated Communications and Degrees are open to visiting Brothers, they are considered Masonic Communications by the Lodge and we ask visiting Brothers to respect that Masonic tradition.


Brothers wishing to make statements beyond announcements or to bring business before the Lodge at a Stated Communication must email the Secretary with such request at least one week prior to that Stated Communication for consideration by the Worshipful Master.

Esoterika does not hear business that is not on its agenda.


We ask visiting Brothers to respect the presentation of the Ritual at our Stated Communications and Degrees.  Please refrain from “sideline” chatter and be sure your cell phone is off or set to vibrate.


A dark suit and tie is the preferred attire for our Lodge.