Step One

Step 1 – How to become a Freemason

To become a Freemason, you must first submit a “Petition” (basically an application) to the Lodge you wish to join.  Selecting the right lodge is important! Each Masonic lodge has an individual focus - essentially, what we focus upon after you receive the degrees of Freemasonry. Esoterika Lodge is focused on the esoteric practice and study of Freemasonry. Our Membership Coordinator will explain this to you in greater detail. Likewise, he will encourage you to visit several lodges in the area so that we find the best lodge for you and the he will assist you in making the proper introductions. It is most important for us to help you find the right lodge for you - even if it is not Esoterika! We want your Masonic career to be fulfilling and successful.

In keeping our quality education to high standards, Esoterika accepts a limited number of Petitions in January; however, we welcome and encourage you to attend our dinners and open events.  To be eligible for membership in Esoterika, you must:

  • Be a man.
  • Be at least 18 years.
  • Have the senses of a man, especially those of hearing, seeing and feeling.
  • Possess a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being.
  • Be capable of reading and writing.
  • Be a Washington State Resident.
  • Be of good moral character and free from previous felony convictions (we may conduct a criminal background check in our sole discretion).
  • Obtain three signatures on your petition from members of the lodge. These members must know you well enough to vouch for you.
  • Attended at least four consecutive dinners prior to submitting your petition.

What to know before submitting your petition


Freemasonry is a serious commitment that should never be entered into lightly.  Prior to submitting your Petition, you should get to know the Brothers of Esoterika by attending dinners and meeting with its members.  You should also know and understand that Esoterika demands much of its members and you will be expected to attend all meetings and participate in Lodge.  The Brothers of Esoterika will commit a significant amount of time, educational opportunities, mentoring and resources to assist you in your Masonic learning.  It is expected, that you will return this favor throughout your journey in Freemasonry.


Submitting a Petition


You will be introduced to our membership coordinator who will work with you to meet each of the members. Once you have three members who will sign your petition and you have decided that you want to join Esoterika, you will first complete a petition (please discuss with the Membership Coordinitator).  The fee to petition the Lodge is $300 and annual dues are $100. Once you completely fill out your Petition, you will need to bring it, along with the applicable petition fee, to our January dinner.  At our January dinner, you will need to have three Brothers, who deem you a worthy individual, endorse your Petition before it can be submitted to the Lodge.  That being said, you are welcome and advised to join us for dinner at our July and October dinners to provide Brothers an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know Esoterika. 

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